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We get a lot of questions on sizing and fit, not just from new customers but all you loyal o2fit family members as well. And, well...

Obviously every single body is unique and the way products fit will vary between us all - but we have gotten to know our products and customers pretty well over the last 2 years. are our top 3 tips when picking your products.


Yes you know who you sit right on the line between sizes and it's not fair to make you choose a size. The pressure is too much!

We are here for you inbetweeners...if you are sitting right in between two sizings on the chart we find that opting for the smaller size is most often the best decision.


You've put them on, they feel ok but you just aren't sure if they're meant to be that tight?? 

The best advice we can give you in that your products should always feel tight but never uncomfortable. Being compression wear they will feel different to your normal activewear and when you first put them on you can wonder if you have ordered too small. It takes some getting used to but after a few wears you will wonder how you ever went without them! 

TO TEST - sit down and lean over to your toes. If you don't feel any pain or discomfort then your pants are most likely not too tight for you.


Love the pants, they're so comfy. But I think there is something happening "around there".

If your pants are slipping around the waist, baggy around the crotch (hate that word!) area or you find you have to pull them up consistently while working out your pants are probably too big for you. Again, compression wear should fit snug to your body and unless you are doing extremely strenuous activity that may cause the movement then it isn't right that its not sitting to your body. 

TO TEST - when you first try on your tights/shorts walk on the spot for about 30 seconds. If the pants ride down significantly then they are too big.

And don't forget...if your sizing isn't right then we have the BEST returns and exchange policy out there - just contact us at and we will get you into the right size.

So there you have it..size does matter after all. Keep emailing us with any queries you have or suggestions for the  our products - we love hearing from you!

Ciao for now Team o2fit.


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