We want to hear from you -- YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A GIFT VOUCHER!!

We want to hear from you -- YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A GIFT VOUCHER!!

14th May 2014

This weekend the o2fit team are heading to Bunbury in WA for our annual team getaway.

This is something that we do every year to workshop and help decide our product direction for the next twelve months.

Instead of asking for your opinion after we pick new products, we want to hear from Team o2fit beforehand.

There are three main areas we would like your input on:

  1. We want to know if you have any suggestions for improvements on our existing products. Are there any modifications you want made? Is there something about another product that you think we should incorporate or do better than?
  2. We are always interested in stocking different colour combinations. What are some colours that you would like to see?
  3. There are two product lines that we want to expand into in the near future. They are triathlon and cycling products. If you wear any of these products we’d love to hear from you about what is the best feature of your favourite pair? Where have other products you have tried failed you?

To provide your feedback you can leave a comment below, on one of our social media accounts or send us an email at sales@o2fit.com.au.

As a thank you, we will choose a lucky feedback participant (randomly selected) to win a gift certificate worth $80!

Thanks in advance!