The secret of how we deliver you a quality product cheaper than the rest

15th Feb 2014

We get questions from customers all the time asking how we are able to sell o2fit compression wear at such low prices and still maintain a quality similar to our larger competitors.

The truth is, we actually pay much more for each item than our competitors as we don’t have the market dominance over manufacturers that they do. So from the start as a small local business we are behind the bigger guys.

So in order to make up the difference we focus on three key areas to keep our costs low without impacting on quality.

1. We don’t have a huge marketing budget

Almost all of the money we make goes right back into new products and expanding our product range which we think will benefit our customers the most in the long run, while a significant amount of money from the big guys goes into advertising and sponsorship deals. This means that every time you buy a product from one of the larger competitors, a good chunk of the price you pay is going towards their bloated marketing budget.

2. We do the hard yards ourselves

The three of us who started selling compression wear in 2012 have remained committed to working hard for as long as possible and not having to pay for employees which add to the cost of our products. Being owners, we are also committed to providing the best service and most prompt postage possible because we know that will be the best way to get people talking about the benefits of our gear.

3. We are prudent on any other costs

We implement the advanced storage solutions to make the best use of any free storage rooms available. When you hear about start-up companies that begin in the garage or family home – well that is us! We understand we can’t do this forever but the longer we can reduce overhead costs the better it is for the customer.

We are proudly a Western Australian owned and run small business but know that we need to compete hard to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our products’ quality and price.

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