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Luke Searle is a 28 year old long distance runner.

Like many of us he balances his fitness, career and two kids - making time for as many events and fun runs as he can. We admired his determination and commitment to his fitness that we witnessed on social media and couldn't wait to learn more!

He runs 130-150km a week (yes you heard right!) and is training for the Melbourne Half Marathon where 2 years ago he placed second and is this year looking to beat 71 minutes.

What is your approach to fitness?

My view on life is simply a healthy lifestyle balance. Enjoying your fitness is that amazing feeling you get to experience during running. Life is all about choice and the choice I make is running fast and long.

Why running?

Whether it be racing or training or a casual jog it is the best.. no matter what life throws at you, running is that release and escape. That feeling of freedom of running as fast as you can or to reach your goal and to beat your best is what's it's all about. Pushing the limits when you think there is no more. 

Rain hail or shine you tie up those shoes put on your (o2fit) gear and get into it. 

I hope no matter what in life people stop what they're doing, go outside and run! Enjoy the fresh air (or rain) on your face or the sun in your eyes. 

Happy running people!

Follow Luke's training and journey for the Melbourne Half Marathon with us on social media.


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