Start getting value for money and stop getting ripped off!

13th Mar 2014

When are you paying for quality and when are you paying for a brand name? If we took four pairs of men’s compression wear shorts with four very different prices, covered up the labels, then asked people to tell us how much they thought they were worth, the results might not be what you'd think...

You may have seen on our website, Facebook or Instagram that we market the fact we are Australia’s cheapest compression wear company. We thought in this week’s blog we would prove to you it’s true. The below table compares our prices against the “big four” compression wear brands, using products that are similar to ours.

Feel free to make up your own mind on which company is the best value; if you’re thinking quality may be an issue then check out our eBay store; this will put your mind at rest when you read o2fit has 100% feedback from over 1,000 reviews.

ProductSkins2xuUnder Armour
Men's Pants$125.00$140.00$89.10$150.00$39.99
Men's Shorts
Women's Pants
Women's Short

Please share this article with your friends and family; even better, tag the “big four” in this post and ask them why they are charging such exuberant prices.