Guest Blog Post - Green Smoothie Co - 6 Tips on living a healthier life

Guest Blog Post - Green Smoothie Co - 6 Tips on living a healthier life

3rd Apr 2014

At Green Smoothie Co., it is our aim to make a healthy life easier for our customers by providing practical, simple and easy-to-use products that became part of your daily routine. More than that though, through our online community we are helping our customers, fans and followers stay healthy in a more holistic way.

Today I want to outline six tips I've found helpful for making my life healthier.

1. Don't rule out, just sub in

Love having a sugary treat at work, or perhaps you tell yourself that the 'breakfast drink' you downed this morning was actually healthy? Something we hear over and over again is that your health and fitness is largely determined by diet, so why not make changes there where they can have the biggest impact? Instead of that sugary treat, make some cacao bliss balls or slice, and instead of that 'healthy' drink that actually has more sugar in it than icecream, replace it with a more wholesome green smoothie (see our free recipe ebook at

2. Plan your meals

In the same spirit as the point above, making small changes to your diet can have a big impact, particularly if you are already putting in a lot of effort with exercise. By planning your meals you can not only have more control over what is fuelling your body but you can also save money by sticking to a budget. If you make sure to plan at least 4 out of 5 days of the working week not only will you have more time to train, you won't have to worry each morning about what to have for lunch.

3. Treat yourself with activities not food

I think this is becoming a bit of a theme now, but that's because it is so important. I am not going to lie, I love good food, and routinely dine out, but over the last year I have made a conscious effort not to 'treat' myself with food as a reward for accomplishing something (note: it is perfectly ok to go for a celebratory dinner!). I see so many people that fall into the trap of grabbing an icecream or packet of chips as a reward for hard work, whether in the gym, at school or work, and whilst rewards are important, rewarding yourself with food can be a dangerous trap.

4. Take note

It doesn't matter how you do it, but just start to take a note of the things that you do. It's all that's meant by the buzz around 'mindfulness' at the moment. There are so many tools out there now such as the Fitbit and UP bands that give you access to a whole bunch of useful data but even without these you can just use a notebook to track your sleep, your food, your PBs at the gym and your mood. These four simple measures can give you such a basic framework to track progress and easily see where you may have issues or blockages that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

5. Buy a bike

Perhaps one of the more specific recommendations but one that has a lot of benefits. I bought a bicycle when I moved to Rottnest Island to live for a few months and whilst it was a necessary means of transport there, it became such an easy way to add in a little bit of extra exercise each day when I moved back to Perth. Even just using it instead of the car to go grab the bread and milk on the weekend is enough to justify the purchase in my opinion.

6. Buy some great gear

Seriously. I know it may not always be feasible but a great way to get yourself looking forward to that 10k run at 5am can sometimes be the simple fact that you know your new o2fit compression tights will keep you warm (as well as help your recovery after). I said before that rewards are important and I think that any reward that goes back to helping you reach your goals is certainly something hard to argue against, particularly if you are having some motivational issues (only so many inspirational instagram posts can sink in!).

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