Fitness fads!

Fitness fads!

27th Mar 2014

Every year we see fitness fads come and go. Here’s some of the more interesting ones that have been popular over the years.

Gas mask training. It’s not just for firefighters. While proponents rave about the results (they also readily admit to “seeing stars”), some people compare the practice to “being strangled while you’re exercising.”

Backwards running.Also known as reverse running, retro running or “gninnur” (yes, that’s “running” spelled backwards), backwards running had its start as a rehab exercise for athletes with pulled hamstrings. Today, though, it’s a trend, with races, a world champion and even an attempt to make it an Olympic sport.

Pole dancing. While we can’t say that we’ve ever tried it, advocates claim that it takes skill, balance and coordination to spin around a pole upside down. Apart from that there are lots of posts on exercise forums which talk about bumps, bruises, cracked ribs, broken toes, and back, ankle and wrist injuries.

Stiletto workouts. Fans of this “fitness” fad say working out in sky-high heels can strengthen your core, improve your balance and give you toned, taut legs. However, it was dubbed the “the world’s worst workout” by Prevention Magazine.

Stability ball stands. Balance or stability balls have been a fixture at gyms for years. But lately, more and more people aren’t just using them for crunches or stretching, but for hot dog moves like standing atop a ball while doing bicep curls or shoulder presses. Unfortunately there are stories of people who fall off and hit weight machines, hit benches, hit other people. One thing you can’t escape from – gravity will always win.

Of course exercise fads aren’t only recent phenomena. Who could forget the Walton Belt Vibrator, which was meant to jiggle away your thunder thighs? It didn’t take long for people to work out that you couldn’t just shake the fat away.