Active Living Growth Continues

Active Living Growth Continues

26th Jun 2014

There is no doubt that Australia is growing in prominence as an ‘aspirational’ nation, and that is reflected in our lifestyle and shopping habits.

While we are confident that o2fit has the best value compression wear going around, we often look at what other activewear retailers are doing well to keep up with the way of the future. That’s where we stumbled across the new concept from Lorna Jane – Active Living.

These new format stores have noticed the trend towards those people who are after a one-stop-shop for fitness, fashion and a healthy feed.

The concept incorporates the traditional Lorna Jane store with a small fitness centre (mainly for women’s aerobic classes) and a ‘nourishment’ café with healthy snacks, juices and coffee.

We couldn’t help but notice how many people were surrounding these stores, even at 9am in the morning, and while many people were wearing Lorna Jane, there may have been one or two wearing o2fit compression to help them out too!

As always we’d love to hear about new and innovative concepts like this from our customers, and while we’re 100% online we’d like to keep updated on your thoughts on new concepts that are rolling out around Australia, just like this one!

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