6 reasons you should exercise more

20th Mar 2014

For generations people have exercised with the main purpose of looking better and getting fit, but there is a growing database of knowledge which shows that there are other benefits which come from being active.

Here are just some of the key ones that should leave you with no reason not to get out for that daily run or increase the team sports you play.

  1. Longer life – research from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine indicates that consistent exercise can add up to 5 years to your life. This is not to mention the quality time that you will add to your life today by getting out and about away from the daily grind.
  2. Better social life – especially when it comes to team or group exercise where people open up new networks with others that they would not otherwise have met. The social connectedness that comes with exercise also results from the sense of purpose that a group of people will have to reach a goal.
  3. Sharper mind – there are a multitude of studies that indicate exercise is one of the best ways to improve cognitive function. Don’t you always think better at your workplace after a run or going to the gym in the morning?
  4. Better sleep – people who exercise regularly get far better REM ‘deep sleep’, fall asleep faster and wake up far less often throughout the night. This is important, as the quantity of sleep is often not as important as the quality of sleep.
  5. Better mental health – in a time where anxiety and depression is on the rise, it is good to know that regular exercise is a handy and cost effective therapy. Exercise leads to chemicals being released in the brain that reduce negative emotions and boost the power of positive thinking.
  6. Look better – …and yes of course, regular exercise will make you physically fitter and looking your best which will make you more confident and healthy as a person.

So what better reasons do you need than these to get out there and exercise!