Posted by Ashleigh Feltham on 27th Jan 2015


Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & #teamo2fit member


With the 'New Year New You' resolutions about to fade away. I think it is important to remember HEALTH FOR LIFE is far more important than health for a season or a few days. 

Here are 4 key reminders to keep you on track.

1. Lost Motivation?

If you have recently lost motivation and started to slip in health and fitness. Instead of beating yourself up or making excuses not to start back, remember health is for LIFE. Falling off the wagon for a bit does not define you as a sedentary or lazy person. Remember the point of exercise and movement is essentially to maintain life and quality of life. The moment you start exercising again these benefits begin to return.

So get out there and move your body to nourish your whole self, mind and body. As 'they' say, you never regret a workout!

2. Life = Potential

When there is life there is hope. Great words I heard today.

There is always something in life which could hold us back or stop us achieving our goals. I believe the key is to learn from the hurdles and the setbacks. The disadvantages we experience in life could actually be the things that make us stronger and be the best version of ourselves.

So next time an excuse comes into your head which could prevent you from achieving, think that this is your life, it could be absolutely amazing!

3. Enjoying The Experience of Working Out

Enjoying the experience of working out and pushing the body's best is smart on many levels. Firstly it is not pain, muscle burn is very different and is a response when the workout is actually pushing your body in a healthy way. The more the mind is able to deal with this during a training session the more likely results will be seen. If the mind is able to train to learn to love the muscle burn and intensity of a workout, it will push to experience this more often. Not only will it feel fantastic to see the long term results but every workout will be enjoyed, every moment, not just when it is over.

Learn to love the burn!

4. Love.

Love is such a powerful emotion and driving passion. When we love our body we show respect by exercising, eat a diet which shows respect to the body and the mind.

Learning to love our body as it has been made is the start of finding true happiness.

When exercising, it becomes not an act of punishment but an act of respect and love for the body.

When eating, it is not to hide emotions but a form of love for each cell in the body and wanting to be able to live life to true potential.

Learn to love and learn to live to your true potential.